June 5, 2010

Reading and Thinking Outside the Box

I'm almost finished reading Wanderlust and lipstick for women traveling in India, by Beth Whitman.
It's a must-read for anyone traveling to India. It's a fun and fast read, yet packed with practical advice.

My copy of In spite of the Gods: the rise of modern India, by Edward Luce, has finally arrived from the public library. Finally! I had to wait two weeks for this! I can't wait to start this. First, I absolutely must brew up some iced tea and then fluff up the pillows.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


croneandbearit said...

Tell me you ARE gonna get your hands done like in the picture and send us all a pic of it?! It's so cool. Wow - what an experience of a lifetime!

Brian Miller said...

very cool. would love to visit india sometime so will keep these in mind...i guess its ok for guys to read a book for women, right? smiles.

secondcupofcoffee said...

Love the picture of the henna-ed hands on the front of the book. Will you get your hands or feet henna-ed while you're there? That would be sooo cool! Thanks for the update. I'm really excited for you as your trip gets ever closer!!!

Brian Miller said...

do you know how cool you are? smiles.

Ms. Gibson said...

Cronie, Brian, GatorGoddess,
To be honest with you, it never occurred to me to get my hands, um, hennad (is there such a word)? Hmmm. The past tense of henna...
I think I will get my hands AND feet henna-ed...I think my MOM will be the one to freak out! :P
BTW Brian, That book Wanderlust and Lipstick should be a staple for anyone planning to visit India...regardless of gender. It's that good.

S said...

Oh how excited I am that you came to my blog before you went to India! Now I get to watch you travel.
I just want to tell you that since I go to India every December, I take two pair of shoes, the motorcycle boots I wear on the plane then have to lug around India with me, unfortunately, and my chakos. I find all other shoes worthless. I would leave home all shoes that you cannot walk lots and lots of miles in.
Other than that, clothing there is so inexpensive and you might really love salwars. I bring a long skirt, a pair of capris and a handful of t shirts, that is all. If you are not too big, you can get clothing everywhere and really cheaply.
If you have any questions please ask. You asked me if I was Indian, and no, I am not, just a wanna be. I go to India every year for a month. I bring back lots of textiles and I make clothing from them,and I have an online clothing store now since going to India!
I wish you the best of travels and the best advice I can give you is to pretend you have been there before, do not looked shocked, and be open minded, and your heart will open too.

G-Man said...

Ms. Gibson...
Thanks for visiting me today.
But I was a bit perplexed by you saying that you couldn't find any of my 55's. I've posted one every Friday for the past 2 years, all you have to do is scroll down. I post every day!
The post heading says..Friday Flash 55!
Hope to see you this Friday....Galen

S said...

Oh, your second trip, is it? Hurray.
I look forward to watching your travels!

Jingle said...

it is rare that someone love her country that much and write a book about it...
thank you for carrying pride and introduce us to your culture and to your world.