June 16, 2010


Food is an important part of a balanced diet.
~Fran Lebowitz

Let's admit it: One of the joys of traveling is eating.
I'm an out-of-the-closet Foodie, so India will be one very exciting place for me to graze through visit.
One of my favorite Indian foods is paneer. It's a fresh cheese that looks and feels a lot like firm tofu. The flavor is refreshingly mild and yummy. It's found in many Indian dishes.
I especially love it served in curry.
Come to think of it, I love just about anything curried.
Bon appetit!


Brian Miller said...

i love trying new things when we travel...i had king cobra once...it was good, a bit chewy...curry is good too!

Baino said...

Just beware the Bomba Belly! Actually most Indian food is vegetarian.