January 20, 2013

Look inside yourself first

When I started to wonder about India's religions, I realized I can't just think in an objective, cerebral manner. As a matter of fact, I don't think anyone can rightfully think about religions without some degree of introspection.  

Last month I came across Diana L. Eck's Encountering God and borrowed a copy from the public library. This book captured my heart as well as my mind. I read every word and found so many surprises and confirmations.  I knew this was a good book because it passed the Bus Test: Any time I read a really good  book on the bus on my morning commute to work, I would miss my stop. :)

I'm now reading some other titles by Eck, including Darsan: seeing the divine image in India, and Banaras City of Light. So far I have not been disappointed. And yes, these two titles have already passed the Bus Test.