April 25, 2011

Travel Guides

Back in 2007, I traveled to India for the very first time. Prior to my trip, I was reading this big fat book Lonely Planet India (it weighs 2 pounds and has 1140 pages!). As a solo traveler, I thought it would come in handy.
Yeah, right.
At the very last minute I decided to not bring it because it was just too heavy and too big for my purse.

Now, I plan to return to India this July 2011.
This time, I'm bringing with me a 2010 edition of Lonely Planet India.
It won't be the big clunky version because it's an ebook!
At first I didn't care for ebooks.
The first ebooks I bought were titles for technical reading (you know, books about education and librarianship). It was awful because I could not scribble notes, and it was hard to reread the text. 
Then I realized that ebooks are pretty cool for reading titles other than technical reading.
And the best part of reading ebooks is that you can ditch the reading glasses and enlarge the text.
What are your thoughts?
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I find television to be very educating.
Every time somebody turns on the set,
I go in the other room
and read a book.   
~Groucho Marx