May 28, 2010

Shoes shoes shoes

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Don't even ask me. I'm just a fool for shoes. The DSW up in Yonkers is my place of worship.

For my impending trip to India, I'm just going to have to use the biggest suitcase I own.
But have you ever noticed how a lot of shoes can make a BIG suitcase look, well, SMALL? 
Consider Exhibit A:
Exhibit A

No. This is ridiculous. I'm not schlepping 10 pounds of footwear. 
After considerable hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing, I eliminated some of my beloved shoes. 
Now look at Exhibit B:

Exhibit B
Tada! I think this will work. My brand new Teva sandals are very comfortable, and I won't freak out if they get wet. My blue slippers are cute, and those little brown leather slides are pretty versatile.
Thank you for visiting my blog.


Brian Miller said...

now you are talking...i own 4 flips, my chucks, a pair of slip on brown dress shoes, a pair of slip on black...mostly you will find me in the flips...they replaced the leather jesus sandals that i really need to find a new pair of...

Cloudia said...

Exciting preparations!

Thanks for finding my blog, so that I may follow YOUR adventures..

Namaste & Aloha from Hawaii, Friend

Comfort Spiral

magiceye said...

good thing you kept some space in your bag.. you will get some lovely footwear in india!
next time do visit mumbai!

Subby said...

Gotta have a pair of flip-flops! Le' boots, comfort walkers & mocassins. Nice and well worn :) I usually wait 'til they fall apart ere getting new ones, heh.

And of course, your sandals will come in handy :)

Baino said...

You are heading to the cheapest place on earth.You won't need shoes! Then remember, most snake bite deaths in India are caused by people treading on cobras!

Ms. Gibson said...

Clodia, and MagicEye, Thank you for coming to my blog! And I am a bit disappointed to not see Mumbai, bt I am still very grateful for this rare opportnity to visit India twice in a lifetime.

I added flip-flops after I took the second photo. HeeHee.

Baino, my Fukwit Friend!
Thank you for the dire snake-bite warning. I will try my best to avoid cobras.

niki said...

i got some brand new TEVA's too - in red! so i am taking tevas, flips, brown sandals, and some slip on black shoes. Now to decide upon the luggage - remember we may have to shlep our luggage around with us, so pack light.

Should i take the carryon luggage or the medium size with pull handle and wheels...hmmm.

secondcupofcoffee said...

Cute Tevas! I still vote for Keens somewhere along the line... ; )

Spanish said...

I'll recommend you to take only 1 pair of shoes like those sandals or else sneakers. You will find lovely footwear in India and it's cheap! Check this out:


Ms. Gibson said...

Niki,GatorGoddess, and SpanishDiary,
thank you for visiting my blog.
SpanishDiary, I will take your advice and just buy some shoes in India.
Niki, I'm bringing my giant suitcase. It has wheels.

Jingle said...

beautiful collections of shoes.