March 23, 2013

Safe and sensible in India

After reading some scary and tragic incidents involving women in India, I've been thinking about my own personal safety.  Violence to women happens everywhere, not just India. When I look back on my own life, I am grateful. I have always returned home safe and sound.

I've lived here in the Bronx New York for more than 20 years and I have a healthy sense of paranoia. Here are six safety tips I want to share, and not just for travel in India, but everywhere, including my own home town:

First is the Golden Rule: Be friendly but don't get friendly. What do I mean by this double-talk? I mean don't get familiar with anyone you don't know. 

Second, never accept unsolicited food or drink from anyone. I'll buy and open my own bottled water, thank you very much. 

Third, keep your passport and valuables stashed out of sight. In the past I've relied on waist packs and always felt safe. But now I'm thinking it screams MONEY to pickpockets. 

Fourth, keep a couple photocopies of your passport and driver's license. You might even keep a picture of your passport in your mobile phone. 

Fifth, what happens if you lose (gasp!) your mobile phone? How many of you have actually memorized important phone numbers? I cannot tell you my husband's cell nor my own mother's cell phone numbers. So it's a good idea to write important phone numbers on a piece of paper. I also store important phone numbers in my Google Drive as a virtual backup. 

Lastly, always lock your hotel room door. Keep the door-chain thingy on too; when someone knocks on your door, use caution and common sense before opening. 

Do I sound like a paranoid woman? I really don't care. I intend to have fun and return home safe and sound. What other safety tips do you have? Please share.

image source: Carey, Chris. luggage6.jpg. 10/31/1999. Pics4Learning. 23 Mar 2013


Brian Miller said...

it is truly better to be safe than sorry...not bad...and not too paranoid...i probably get a little over familiar with many i meet...ha

Perpetua said...

Very sensible tips, Chris. I would add:

Leave jewellery at home and wear only an old but reliable watch. I don't have a smartphone, but if I did, I'd make sure the phone I took with me was also old but reliable. You want to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Wear sensible shoes. For your own safety you need to be able to move easily and without fear of tripping or falling.

Keep important papers and the majority of your cash in a body belt worn under clothing if possible.

I may think of more, but these will do to be going on with. :-)

Ms. Gibson said...

You are one brave Dude!
Thanks for dropping by.

Thanks for your wise advice. The sensible shoes is a MUST!
As for cash & documents, I have a slim under-the-shirt pouch.
As for the mobile, I'm thinking of renting a mobile phone. I will keep my iPhone under wraps :)))