March 27, 2010

A Crash Course on Heat and Humidity

India in July is all about some serious heat and humidity. July also marks the beginning of the monsoon. The monsoon rains bring  sudden, heavy downpours. 

When it comes to monsoon rains, there are only two ways to deal with them. You can either welcome the rains as a brief respite from the sweltering heat, or you can grumble and still get wet.

To keep cool and comfortable in the heat, I highly recommend you wear moisture-wicking fabrics. I'm referring to the array of synthetic fabrics that athletes wear to stay cool and dry. Avoid cotton because cotton stays wet as you perspire (think wet diaper)...ewwww. 

I love tropic-weight pants and shirts from LLBean. I can wear these pants and shirts (pictured below) all day and feel comfortable. Then at night, I can hand wash them, hang them to dry, and presto! The clothing will be completely dry by morning. You can't do that with cotton. 
There's nothing glamorous about these pants and shirts. Come to think of it, I can look downright frumpy. Frumpy, but cool.

In my next post, I will discuss how to cover your head without looking more frumpy. 

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Tony Letts said...

Brits don't travel well - in terms of fashion

croneandbearit said...

There is also a catalog called TravelSmith who does some amazing things with travel clothing - you might want to check them out too. I hope the time you are there is not marred by too scorching hot weather or heavy monsoons - but they are a possibility at that time of year. Tell us more about this scholarship and what it entails please? What will you be doing while there? Namaste!

Ms. Gibson said...

Hi Tony,
Are you referring to the Frump Factor? If so, then when it comes to fashion-on-the go, I must be a Brit deep down. :P
Thank you so much for stopping by my new blog.

I will look at TravelSmith later today.
Re: my research project, I will be posting most of my wondering & insights (or lack of insight) at my other blog at Wordpress.
And once again,thank you so much for that wonderful card you sent me. I have it propped up on my desk.